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London Dairy premium ice cream, crafted from the finest ingredients from around the world.

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We at London Dairy foster a very British sensibility. We constantly strive for the finer things in life and love sharing them with those who share in our impeccable taste. We blend traditional values with modern flair as effortlessly as we blend the finest ingredients in our gorgeous ice creams.

Our premium products are crafted with the connoisseur in mind – only the finest ingredients will do! From luscious fruit handpicked in the sun-kissed fields of Europe, to the exquisite texture of rich Belgian chocolate, we insist on delivering the richest taste and the smoothest texture, blending our ingredients with the creamiest milk to create a magnificent ice cream symphony.

Company overview

Company overview

London Dairy is THE premium ice cream experience beloved by dessert aficionados across the GCC, South Asia and North Africa. Using the finest ingredients sourced from across the wide world, we’ve developed a range of deliciously enjoyable flavours, from classics such as Pralines & Cream to signature creations like Chocolate Brownie Delight.

London Dairy ice cream is so good we’ve been awarded Product of the Year in the ice cream category for 2 years in a row. London Dairy is already present in more than 30 countries throughout the world.



Our ice cream is crafted with premium ingredients from around the World: Farm Fresh Milk from Australia, New Zealand or Northern Europe, selected African Cocoa Beans, Premium Belgian Chocolate and Fresh Strawberries from Poland.

London Dairy products have no artificial colours or preservatives. Enjoy the unique ice cream collection – Premium, Lite and Yoghurt ranges in various tub and cup sizes, or refresh yourself with one of our sticks, cones or bars.



Chocolate Hazelnut Tub – Product of the Year 2013

Chocolate Hazelnut Stick – Product of the Year 2012

Black Edition – Award for the best ice cream IICC