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Use your favourite ice cream pleasure to reveal the real treasure!

Take part in this delightful prize competition for a chance to win impressive jewellery in a few simple and delicious steps. If you wish to participate, buy any London Dairy Litre tub or Multipack, scratch the unique code found on stickers on the pack and coupons issued by customer service. When you scratch them, you reveal the unique code! The final step is visiting and entering the code for a chance to win luxurious jewellery. Enthral your senses with premium ice cream and keep your eyes on the prize.

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Explore the virtual world completely made of London Dairy Mini cones, sticks and cups. Take a walk through the delightful Mini world that will captivate your senses and get to know London from another perspective. London Dairy brings you the exciting VR experience that you can explore or download 360⁰ video for your VR Samsung glasses.

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The delightful ice cream with one exclusive detail will enthral your senses.

Discover the special caramel coating on top of new products that will satisfy your cravings. As smooth as it looks, the caramel flavoured ice cream with biscuit pieces is a delicious treat from the London Dairy caramel range. Find it in a big or small tub version, sticks and bars. No matter which exquisite form you choose, you will surely enjoy the smoothest caramel in every moment.